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Cabins & Camping

Fern Gully

Fern Gully_edited.jpg

Situated above a gully full of ferns, Fern Gully was built in 2020. It was designed to comfortably accommodate a couple, with room in the loft for gear storage, and a single bedroll on the foam sleeping pad. It is currently a summer use only cabin.

Fern Gulley path_edited.jpg

The Outdoor Kitchen

The outdoor kitchen, one of the more recent additions to the land, was built in 2012/2013. It is a good community space, with running water, a small stove & oven, and an open shower deck (a shower curtain and short wall allows for some privacy). 

outdoor kitchen_edited.jpg

The Main

Cabin -

Our Home to be

main cabin_edited.jpg

Plans for the main cabin are ongoing. Eventually, it will be our full-time home. A little larger than it was built in 1974, it will have the same general floor plan, just with the additions of a bathroom/laundry space, room enough in the living area for a futon for overnight guests (near the woodstove!) and some deck space around three sides. 

cabin plans.jpg

Star Cabin



Star rebuild_edited.jpg

Star is our current focus. She is in the process of being rebuilt using as much of the reusable material from the original structure. Though not a lot was salvageable after years of the elements taking their toll, Star is being recreated with her past at heart. Visitors will be able to look out over our small pasture to the reservoir nestled between the trees and the forest climbing the canyon walls on either side. 

Star 2021_edited.jpg
Cedar 2019_edited.jpg

Cedar is a small cabin that is somewhat removed from the main area. The walking trail to reach Cedar winds through the trees and climbs more than a hundred feet in elevation. With its oil lamps, a small shepherd's stove, and good supply of stove wood, Cedar is the perfect writer's retreat.

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